About Us

Healthy Funky Foods is dedicated to providing foods that inspire joyful living, self-respect and a love of eating for wellness. HFF uses Organic and Raw ingredients that deliver powerful energy and nutrients that come from living foods and super foods.

What are Raw foods?

Great question. Raw foods, simple put, are foods that are in their most natural, easily absorb-able and digestible form. They are not heated beyond 115 degrees, which preserves precious vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the food.

Enzymes are fundamental in youthful living, vitality and healing energy in the body. As we age, eat processed and cooked foods and experience various stresses in the body our enzymes deplete or even diminish entirely. If you want to live longer, stronger and have a more quality-based, less stresses life, raw foods and living foods are a perfect place to begin. Everyone, regardless of age, state of health or financial situation can benefit from and begin to incorporate raw food into their diet.

Many people assume that raw vegetables are only in the form of a tossed salad that nuts are only eaten when put a party bowl, and that herbs like parsley, cilantro and dill are found as a garnish to be left on a plate. Once you see how versatile these foods are and how simply you can prepare meals you may wonder what to do with all of those pots and pans you don’t have to soak and scrub anymore

How do Raw foods taste?

Awesome! Fortunately, even picky kids love to snack on the granolas, buckwheat crisps, cookies, sushi rolls, salads and crackers. (Maybe not so fortunate if you forgot to stock up on their favourites.) HFF products very in texture flavour and colour. They are made from seeds, oat grouts, berries, veggies, cacao, coconut, nuts,  honey, chickpeas, sprouts, beets and more. There are no preservatives, additives, MSG, GMO’s, artificial colours/flavours, dairy products, or meat products. Foods are vegan except for those items containing honey.

What are our production methods?

All products are made with love in small batches. While many of the dishes made at Healthy Funky Foods are RAW, there are some ingredients, which are cooked or heated past 115 degrees. When ingredients are cooked, the package will be labeled as such. Otherwise, all items are dehydrated until desired texture is achieved. Nuts, seeds and oats are soaked and sprouted for optimal energy and vitality.

:) We stir in some positive thoughts, peaceful wishes and giggles for fun. This allows for quality control and creativity.

Nut Allergies:

Healthy Funky Foods is a facility that uses a variety of nuts in its products. Due to sensitivities in this day and age, many products are made with the intention of being nut free. These items DO NOT CONTAIN NUTS themselves and are safe for lunches at school. If you are highly allergic to nut oils or traces HFF many not be for you.

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