Living with Candida and Leaky Gut AND Menopause Eeeek

This topic might be uncomfortable  for some of you to read and others may be nodding your heads…agreeing with everything I have to say because you have, in the past, or are suffering now with these issues now. Over the next few months…and beyond,  I am going make some important changes to my diet that will affect my life considerably! Follow my journey whilst I take back my mind and body through food like .

Rayna’s 2017 Reboot Blog

Enjoying Life!
We all have habits we’d like to change. Some are easier than others but at one time or another we decide…”Today is the day” (or Monday or tomorrow) I’m writing this blog to show that no matter how much you know and how often you fall off the wagon, it’s always a perfect day to begin again. I will be transparent in my discoveries and reveal my own vulnerabilities in hopes that my readers .

Mountain Lady’s Greenhouse 2nd Annual Christmas Craft Market

Last year it was fun…this year IT WILL BE AMAZING!!!! Healthy Funky Foods has 2 tables this Dec. 21&22, 2015. The variety of snacks, staple foods and festive options to serve and share are HUGE! Find out what the buzz around healthy food is about. Chat with Chef, Rayna Young. Sign up for a workshop.

The big sleep debate

The amount of sleep one needs varies from person to person. That said, many people don’t even realize how sleep deprived they are or the changes that result from too much or too little hours in la-la-land. I know what happens to me and yet I put myself and my business in danger by ignoring the “rule.” I need 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Obviously more if I toss and turn or .

Slowly but surely this website is getting updated.

Thank you for your willingness to phone or email when you have questions. Signing up for the newsletter is the easiest way to receive new information until the website is refreshed. It is, however, a tool to see a glimpse of past programs and blog posts that might spark a discussion or some further interest in improving your current lifestyle. Love yourself…you’re worth it!

Global Friendly Skin/Sun Care Products…that you can Eat!

Global Friendly Skin/Sun Care Products… That you Can Eat! If the amount of chemicals, toxins and bio hazardous material in your toiletries isn’t enough to make you think twice about what you put on your body… Then think about this. You can protect your skin, heal your wounds, look and smell amazing AND ingest it! After all…you are what you eat, right? • Taste • Touch • Smell • Consider new Possibilities • Go .

HFF Potluck

Ready to nourish your body with healthy food and positive energy? Join like-minded residents at Healthy Funky Foods to stir up your culinary juices. Potlucks will be held each month and as a special treat, there will be a new wellness or creative focus to leave you with a little something to ponder. As space is limited to 20 amazing people and guests are asked to prepare enough food for the group to sample, .

Tea & “Brie”

Tea and "Brie"
Do you love the taste and texture of cheese and spreads but want a healthier version that will still satisfy your palette? Keep your family and friends coming back for more with these awesome and easy nut and seed based “Cheezes”, veggie spreads and dips. This 2 hour hands-on workshop will leave you with excitement to play in the kitchen and recipes to try at home. Bring your nibbling appetite because tasting the food .

Open Today from 9am-2pm

Parfait w/Coconut Yogurt
Breakfast and Lunch are available today at HFF. There are no classes/workshops today. Weekend mornings are perfect Raw Food opportunities! Try some Coconut Yogurt, Breakfast Parfaits, Bagels and Cashew Cheeze, Chia Porridge, Power Smoothies, Fresh Juice, and more…In-house Almond Mylk (pre-order if you want mylk by the 1/2 or full Liter.

Rayna’s Birthday Gift #3 30-Day Raw Food Challenge

HFF wants you to take care of yourself this Fall with our popular 30-Day Raw Food Challenge. As a special introductory price you can take advantage of my birthday gift giving by signing up now. By signing up before September 5th, 2014, you are eligible to receive 4 weeks of meals for the price of 3! That’s a savings of $585. I only accept 6 participants per month for this program. Let’s strengthen your .

Open Today from 9am-2pm

Parfait w/Coconut Yogurt
Breakfast and Lunch are available today at HFF. There are no classes/workshops today. Weekend mornings are perfect Raw Food opportunities! Try some Coconut Yogurt, Breakfast Parfaits, Bagels and Cashew Cheeze, Chia Porridge, Power Smoothies, Fresh Juice, and more…In-house Almond Mylk (pre-order if you want mylk by the 1/2 or full Liter.

Introduction to Raw Foods – Lunch ‘n Learn – Wed. June 12, 2013

Have you been looking for ways to make a difference in the way you and your family eat? Heard about the benefits of eating Raw Food but don’t know where to begin? In this 45 minute workshop, you will learn some basic principles, tips and recipes that will make getting started a cinch. Cost-$28 pp or Bring a Friend and save. Only $50 for 2 people. Sign Me Up!

Eat Real YYC Event

I can’t wait to meet new customers, participants and other like-minded healthy food vendors at this event. This is the 2nd year of the outdoor festival. Lots of table vendors and food trucks for a mix of amazing dishes. Healthy Funky Foods is setting up a booth on June 8, 2013. Come by and say hello if you can make it

Finger Foods

Socializing on the deck this summer? Hitting the beach? Packing a trail snack or prepping a picnic basket? Forget the mayo filled salads and oily bags of chips. Healthy Funky Foods will show you fun, and may I add…beautiful…snacks, treats and nibbles that you can feel GREAT EATING. This is a 2 hour evening class where participants will have a chance to “play” in the kitchen, take home some recipes and sample our wonderful .

When Passion = Pest

Time and time again I get encouragement from customers, friends and strangers. They tell me to follow my passion, continue my teachings, drive change and live my dreams. My passion around healthy foods and lifestyle choices often drives me crazy. I am SO passionate that I want everyone around me to share in my desire for healthy options and no “crap” alternatives. After having surgery on my mouth last Friday I have been blessed .

I’m Addicted and I’m Ready to Admit It

I have wanted to write about this for some time now. Maybe it was the disbelief, maybe it was the guilt or maybe it was the embarrassment around the very addiction I lecture my family about staying away from. I AM ADDICTED TO SUGAR. (There, I said it.) Now that it’s on “paper,” I am making it my goal to not let it run my life. Affect my life, yes, because acknowledging the fact .

What’s In Your Kitchen?

When you decided to go raw did you think about the change in how you use your kitchen… If you are like I was, I took the new raw concept by the horns. I walked into the kitchen and saw all of the things I would no longer have use for. I saw space that needed to be freed, and I saw tools that never needed to be stored or scrubbed again…EVER That said, .

What a sight!

The food we put on our tables, and in our bellies is often not as colorful or well presented as we would like. Reasons for this range from: a lack of time/energy/thought – culinary skill. Do yourself a favor and prepare your plates as you would like to find them at a fancy restaurant in a tropical paradise-it will change your life. I’m not kidding when I say that. The food on a plate .

Building strong families by helping others.

As a parent, I look for opportunities to guide my children through life’s lessons. I don’t always have the same experience as what they might be going through but the messages are often still relevant (otherwise I get the look like, “how is this supposed to help me?” or “Mom, you just don’t understand.”) There are those times as well where I wish that some of the trials and tribulations of growing up would .