How do we “live life?”

This is an age old question that can be answered in many ways. What does it mean to live? Is it breathing? Is it working? Is it learning or teaching others? Is it feeling “well?” or just not “ill?” Is it making memories and stories that will continue beyond your time on this earth? The 21st Century has brought with it, a world of constant change, mobility and immediacy. The word need stands in .

Who likes to spend countless hours in the kitchen everyday?

Most people prepare meals for themselves, their families or the public. If you are a single-parent…or feel like one… you may find that all of the food preparation is done by you. Unless you love to be in the kitchen, this responsibility can become a recipe for nutritional disaster in the form of take-out and fast food. I am one of those people who love being in the kitchen. I think it’s fun to .