How do we “live life?”

This is an age old question that can be answered in many ways.

What does it mean to live?

  • Is it breathing?
  • Is it working?
  • Is it learning or teaching others?
  • Is it feeling “well?” or just not “ill?”
  • Is it making memories and stories that will continue beyond your time on this earth?

The 21st Century has brought with it, a world of constant change, mobility and immediacy. The word need stands in place of what was at one time, considered mere wants. For some people this shift in focus has created a frantic race to fulfill what it is they think they “need.” When those items are obtained with no sense of fulfillment, the search begins again. This cycle ends in sickness, adrenal fatigue, depression, or for those who manage to keep it going for their entire lives, death.

There has been a shift of consciousness around the effects of this 21st Century thinking on our bodies, minds and spirit. The search for answers and guided awareness has surfaced in many ways.

  • Therapy
  • Naturopathic medicines – Iridology, Herbology, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture etc
  • Meditation
  • Religious studies
  • Yoga/Pilates and Boot Camps
  • Spa, Massage, Chiropractic and Pampering Services
  • Volunteering Committees
  • Raw foods, Super foods, Super herbs, Vegetarianism, Vegan-ism
  • Co-operatives – Communal gardens, carpools, childcare and more

My speed-driven friends might look at this list as a “to-do” list for the next month…STOP

While you may integrate a few of these changes/services into your life, the most success comes from understanding what works for you and why. Packing more “things” into your busy life does not help with balance.

Remember the Cat in the Hat…..He tried to balance the impossible…dropped everything…. and needed to clean up the mess.

4 Steps to a fresh start 

  1. Relax, clear your mind and focus on your ideal life.
  2. Make a list of those things you must stop doing right now and thoughts and those actions/activities/behaviors in the garbage. (It’s easy to start with this list since we all know what we should stop. With baggage out of our way, we are free to start new)
  3. Short list some of the modalities or positive activities from the list above that interest you. Research for clarity(ask a friend, use the Internet, read a book, attend a seminar or introductory wellness forum) and then begin.
  4. Finally, document your journey. This might seem like homework at first but nothing says “this has helped me sleep more soundly,” or “I can’t believe my elbow has been pain-free for 14 weeks now,” than a detailed journal, diagram, voice memo or charting system. This will also tell you if there have been negative affects or no changes at all.

If you have tips and tricks to share for a fresh start, share them here or send them to my Tweeter page. We all need a fresh start now and then. :)


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