I’m Addicted and I’m Ready to Admit It

I have wanted to write about this for some time now. Maybe it was the disbelief, maybe it was the guilt or maybe it was the embarrassment around the very addiction I lecture my family about staying away from. I AM ADDICTED TO SUGAR. (There, I said it.)

Now that it’s on “paper,” I am making it my goal to not let it run my life. Affect my life, yes, because acknowledging the fact that I realize it’s a problem means I can work on my weak areas and avoidance. 2 months go I told my family that I was going to throw out anything in the pantry that does not align with healthy eating. As I have said to many of my clients, “If you don’t have it in the house, you are more likely to find alternatives than run out to buy junk.”

My family thought I had lost my mind. Truthfully though, as much as I have come to dislike and even at times be disgusted by processed or cooked foods (traditional pizza is one of them), if I have a bite…I can’t stop. Does that mean if I had a piece of birthday cake I sit and eat the whole cake – NO. But I make sure I eat the whole piece I cut, and while cleaning up I might just “clean the cake knife.” Feeling sluggish the next morning is like a university hangover from long ago.


Why does this happen?

No matter how “good” you are about choosing the best foods at the grocery store. No matter how diligent you were about orchestrating your “clean meal” at the restaurant.

No matter how well you research and understand the damage that many socially acceptable food choices do to your body.

You are still human and habits die hard. It takes much less time to create a positive habit than to rid yourself of a negative one you currently hold.

If you feel stressed at work, or home, if you are in a hurry, or if you have health issues or other setbacks in your day/week/month, you are more likely to return to old habits.

A big reason I feel that I get caught I this trap is because I am responsible for preparing the meals in my house for 6 people. If I make dinners that consist of many raw dishes and a meat or poultry dish I usually get raves. If I only have raw dishes I get questions and after a couple nights of that, I give in. The big problem is lunches. The kids can’t take anything with nuts to school and they often run out the door and if there isn’t something easy to grab, they throw a piece of fruit in their pocket and leave. My youngest still counts on me to make his lunches so often in a pinch he gets ½ of an avocado and some Raw Nori Papers and makes little sushi. He also loves a small tossed salad with Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar. Breakfast is easy since there is a variety of fresh fruit on the counter and I make my own buckwheat Crispies that are always available.

Be prepared….

#1 Stock up on whole foods, superfoods and superherbs. If you don’t think you will use all of the herbs before they go bad, dry ½ of them and use them later.

#2 Get rid of those items in your pantry that do not fit with your lifestyle choice. It is a choice after all and you don’t have to go all or nothing. Transition to make the changes easier. Donating food items to the less fortunate may not be the best for them, but in the end it may be all they get so that is up to you.

#3 Make a meal plan. Nothing says, I’m serious, prepared and excited about my food choices than planning with intention. This will make grocery shopping easier and cut down on waste as well as those panic moments when you have nothing to eat and the bakery is still open down the street.

#4 “Phone a Friend” I’m serious. Make a pact with a few friends, family, and co-workers to help each other. If it’s just to chat when you feel frustrated, to exchange meals or do potlucks so that some of the cooking time is replaced with socializing or just to say “I made a bad choice and I want to be accountable.” This stops you from becoming a closet eater who never realizes that 1 or 2 “sneaks” every day is why your pants don’t fit right at the end of the week.

#5 Attend a workshop, seminar or Meet Up. This works for me when I need to hear what’s new and how other people are reaching new levels of energy and wellbeing that make changing habits a conscious choice worth making.


Last time David “Avocado” Wolfe was in Calgary, for the Seed Event, I attended a potluck and talk that was scheduled in his honor. He said something very interesting and I think it is very relevant to my topic today.

He said that he is, “choosing to pay attention with intention.”

What I love about this statement and philosophy that he is living by, is that there is no room for “whoopsies” because everything you do is done with a conscious level of commitment to doing what you feel is in your best interest at the time. Not to say that every moment you stay on the same course that you began in 2005. Rather on the course of your life as it changes and adapts so that you may make choices each day to live each day to the fullest.


If you want to have a piece of cake because that is what you choose, enjoy it.

If you need to have a piece of cake, you may have an addiction or at least a bad habit that you should replace with a positive one.

Healthy Funky Foods is here to help with your meal planning and preparation, corporate lunches and social events. For more information contact Rayna at info@healthyfunkyfoods.com

Have a beautiful day.



3 thoughts on “I’m Addicted and I’m Ready to Admit It

  1. Pat, sometimes understanding what our body needs starts with minimizing our intake of all foods and eating small meals of foods that can only have positive impact on your system. If we just focus on stopping “habits” of eating the things we crave, we often feel resentment. We dwell on what we don’t have and avoid taking note of the many everyday items we ingest that are on the “thought it was pretty good but I didn’t know it had those ingredients/chemicals in it,” list. If you can initially look past what’s easiest and make choices based on the BEST FOODS, ACTIVITIES, FRIENDS etc for YOUR BODY & MIND, it becomes easy and you will notice a huge change that will help you sustain a healthy, happy longer life.
    Best of luck

  2. I’m happy that you enjoyed my post. I do not write often enough, but rather wait, until I must share my thoughts. I am away for a few days expanding my knowledge. I feel an opportunity to share very soon :)

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