Living with Candida and Leaky Gut AND Menopause Eeeek

This topic might be uncomfortable  for some of you to read and others may be nodding your heads…agreeing with everything I have to say because you have, in the past, or are suffering now with these issues now.

Over the next few months…and beyond,  I am going make some important changes to my diet that will affect my life considerably! Follow my journey whilst I take back my mind and body through food like I’ve never done before! I’d also love to hear from you as you go through your own transformation.

After reading many books (prescribed and stubbled upon) I realize there are no two identical programs for healing Leaky Gut, keeping Candida at bay or getting through Menopause without notice. What I did find was that each “opportunity for learning” aka new challenge, had similar or overlapping and often related symptoms, causes and effects. Woohoo…easy to solve then? Don’t grab that glass of red wine and slice o’ chocolate cake just yet.

Being ready to make a change is one thing. Being prepared is a whole different level of commitment. Having support comes in many forms but it’s imperative to GET SOME! Some days it’s going to be easy to see the light but you won’t always need your shades.

Last night I knew the time was close for this change to begin…I just didn’t realize how close.  I had sushi for dinner (soya saucewhite rice with vinegar and sugar blah), a glass of red wine (the bottle was open anyway so why waste it right?) and a terrible sleep. I’m not surprised. I set myself up. Self-sabotage….sound familiar?

This morning I had a coffee with a slice of GF Banana Bread, followed by a Barre class (not very powerfully I might add), thoroughly enjoyed a perfect “Candida ridding /Leaky Gut repairing/ Menopause supporting” Lunch and then spent 3 hours shopping for the body and mind I want back! Was it inexpensive? NO! Am I worth it? YES! Is it reasonable to spend $500 per week on groceries for one 45 year old woman(that’s me)? NO! But I have tallied up the amount I’ve spent over the years trying to listen to doctors or seek a quick fix on the issues this blog will be discussing and that number is well over $10,000. Now I’m going to listen to myself, use doctors and naturopaths to get the data I need from blood, saliva and other tests I don’t have access to, and take my life back!

I just finished the last of the yummy Raw Coconut Yogurt I made this week(it had a little honey in it which will be a no-no) so a new recipe is coming next week right here! The fridge has been cleaned out…on my side only…and I will finish the pantry when I get back from Mexico tomorrow night.

This is exciting!  2017 will be one of incredible change!!!




Note: I am not a doctor so if you feel you would like to try anything I am doing for myself, please seek your own medical advice.