The big sleep debate

The amount of sleep one needs varies from person to person. That said, many people don’t even realize how sleep deprived they are or the changes that result from too much or too little hours in la-la-land.

I know what happens to me and yet I put myself and my business in danger by ignoring the “rule.” I need 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Obviously more if I toss and turn or have a 10 year old boy stealing covers and elbowing me in the neck.

My plan:

1. Make sure any reminders or important “to-do” items are written down so I don’t have to try to store them in the front of my lovely cranium.

2. If my energy is zooming and my body feels restless, donate that to the universe to disperse as need be. This is a wise suggestion because you don’t need the energy anymore. Energy is to be shared and there is an endless supply if you can tap into it. Don’t hoard it because it doesn’t “belong” to anyone.

3. Get to sleep before 11 pm because the body clock resets and if you are not at the club dancing (which counts on the 11pm-2am energy burst) you need to have your organs heal.

4. Do not charge my phone or computer in my room. No backlight.

5. If I wake up, thank myself for an amazing day and thank myself for the optimism of a beautiful new day ahead.

I cannot be the face of Healthy Funky Foods looking tired and un-energized. It is not an act but a conscious habit to grant myself the permission to take my sleep seriously and accept my daily work schedule limitations.

Decide what works for you and make sure you are allowing your body the down time to give you the lifestyle you want to live each day.

Love yourself…you’re worth it!