What a sight!

The food we put on our tables, and in our bellies is often not as colorful or well presented as we would like. Reasons for this range from: a lack of time/energy/thought – culinary skill. Do yourself a favor and prepare your plates as you would like to find them at a fancy restaurant in a tropical paradise-it will change your life.

I’m not kidding when I say that. The food on a plate affects you in many ways.

#1 Knowing that you put in the effort to arrange your meal means that you deserve to be treated well and you know it.

#2 The amount of food placed on a plate can vary drastically. Make it pretty and actually see all of the flavors and you will be less likely to make a sloppy pile that can lead to unnecessary eating.

#3 Choosing what to prepare so that your plate looks incredible, means more variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet and less flour/sugar/fried/baked items which loose many or all nutrients and much of their colors during cooking.

#4 Arranging food so that it must be assembled at the table or cut into small pieces, slows down your consumption time and allows your body to enjoy, process and relax after the wonderful work put into creating it.

All of these attributes will move you towards a more peaceful, energy packed lifestyle with less digestive problems and more table talk…a lost art needing rekindling.

I would love to see pictures of your beautiful creations. Feel free to send images and information about your dishes.

“Creative Cuisine,” here we come.



One thought on “What a sight!

  1. If I can get people thinking about the “why’s and how’s” of consuming food, maybe they will find what works for them.

    It’s when we just do what everyone else “appears” to be doing that our complacancy and ignorance distract us from the negative impact of our actions on our body. Cancer, Diabetes, behavioral disorders, skin and internal fungi issues and many other seemingly “normal” problems of the people we interact with daily, DO NOT JUST POP UP. Our bodies have been subjected to chemical, mental and physical abuse which is a product of “civilized” life. Ignorance is NOT bliss.It was a coping mechanism to mask the growth of diseases that may never have been created.

    Sorry for the heavy reply, I guess I was in the mood to share. Thanks and good luck with your research.

    Be Well

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