When Passion = Pest

Time and time again I get encouragement from customers, friends and strangers. They tell me to follow my passion, continue my teachings, drive change and live my dreams. My passion around healthy foods and lifestyle choices often drives me crazy. I am SO passionate that I want everyone around me to share in my desire for healthy options and no “crap” alternatives.

After having surgery on my mouth last Friday I have been blessed to be able to ingest much more than green drinks, apple sauce and warm soup. Because we also had relatives in town we ate many of our meals this weekend, out. I have not been exposed to that many restaurant menus in a long time. Mostly because there are few places I believe I might find energy boosting meals and super foods.

This array of pop, poutine, iceberg lettuce-salads, hamburgers with bacon, cheese, mayo,  bottled  teriyaki sauce and desserts that oozed off the plates in one big fat lump, made me ill. (Ironically, my daughter had a sore stomach all weekend and my oldest son was sick one night too.) I sat there while relatives and family ordered and ate, without question, the things laid out before them. If ever I wanted to have a food fight, it was this weekend. The goal would be to propel the dishes of empty sludge back at the kitchen that dare create it. Fear of looking nuts or getting the toxicity on me left me quiet.

There is a fine line between sharing advice when invited to do so, and judging others while looking on in disgust as they make choices that are different than yours. I am striving to do the first, but many days my passion drives me to radical behavior.

An example of my latest radical move was after getting back from the weekend of processed food. I began my search for foods that are not allowed to be in my home anymore. I began tossing any flours that are not Gluten Free, any sauces of the same nature and refined sugars and salts. It surprised me that there was still so much in the back of my pantry. My husband decided a while back that since he needed to eat the same as always, these items would be saved for him. Since I do the cooking, I guess that makes little sense to me to reserve ingredients that I will not use in the kitchen. My guilt for throwing these items in the garbage were short lived, when I realized I’m not really throwing out “food.”

I hear the same struggles from my clients around sudden drastic changes in foods. I am quickly making my home a gluten free, dairy free, GMO free and refined anything free environment. It’s been hard since I can’t stop anyone from making habitual, unhealthy choices when they are out in the real world but I’m hoping my voice will ring in their ears,(and yours) every time they pick up groceries.
We’re doing the right thing, one lesson at a time.

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